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text: michael lachsteiner

Seit einigen Jahren erfreuen sich die Publikationen der New Yorker Medien-Guerilla rund um die Gründer Richard Metzger, Gary Baddeley & Russ Kick steigernder Beliebtheit. Und wo so groß LÜGE und eben DISINFORMATION draufsteht, da muß doch die Wahrheit drin stehen. Oder.

„Wo um alles in der Welt hast du diesen mumifizierten Heiligen her?“
- „Der war schon in der Wohnung, als ich einzog.“
(Gespräch zwischen Richard Metzger und Joe Coleman)

The Disinformation Company Ltd., NYC und ihr wohl am ehesten geläufiges Outlet disinformation.com begann als Idee zu einer TV-Serie, die das Konzept von „60 Minutes“ auf die Spitze treiben sollte – rivalisierende Satanisten-Gruppen, obskurste Verschwörungstheorien, selbsternannte Superhelden aus dem All, Transsexualität, Zeitmaschinenbauer, extreme Körperkunst und sprechende Pflanzen sollten neben Interviews mit interessanten Zeitgenossen wie Robert Anton Wilson, Genesis P. Orridge, Joe Coleman, Grant Morrison, Kembra Pfahler und Douglas Rushkoff das Programm einer im Newsroom-Stil gehaltenen und slick durchdesignten Show sein. Oliver Stone war begeistert und fädelte einen Deal mit AT&T ein, doch vorerst wurde mit dem Geld des Telekom-Riesens erst mal eine vernünftige Webplattform gebaut. Als eine der ersten im großen Stil gesponserten Websites führte disinformation.com vor, wie man mit dem entsprechenden Geschick Major-Companies an der Nase herumführt und in bester spätpubertärer Sex-Pistols-Haltung die Moneten für widerborstige Inhalte verbrät. Prominente Gastautoren wie Noam Chomsky und Howard Bloom werteten die Website zusätzlich auf und unterstrichen mit ihren Beiträgen die Relevanz einer News-Seite, die sich ständig mit den anderen Seiten der Medaillen beschäftigt.

Mittlerweile sind im Eigenverlag drei umfangreiche Reader erschienen, ein Buch mit ausgewählten, von Richard Metzger geführten Interviews, ein Leitfaden zu Grant Morrisons legendärer Comicserie „The Invisibles“ und – eine Doppel-DVD mit allen Folgen der „Disinformation TV“-Serie plus einer Aufzeichnung der in New York abhaltenen Disinfo.Con mit Gästen wie Marylin Manson, Kenneth Anger und einigen der oben genannten Leuten.

Disinformation hatte sich also durchgesetzt und dem amerikanischen SCI FI Channel um einen 6stelligen Dollarbetrag eine Show verkauft, die der Kanal letztlich nie ausstrahlte. Englands Channel 4 zeigte sich interessiert und sendete zensierte Fassungen der Shows direkt im Anschluß an Ally McBeal. Nach zahlreichen Seher-Protesten musste auch dieses Airing eingestellt werden. Also beschloß Disinfo, eine DVD mit allen Folgen zu veröffentlichen und stieß auch hier auf Widerstand – das Presswerk, das den Auftrag zur Produktion hatte, zog seine Zusage aufgrund der Inhalte der DVDs zurück und es mussten einige Produzenten abgeklappert werden, bis „disinformation – the complete series“ nun endlich erscheinen konnte. Show-Host und Subculture-Dandy Richard Metzger stand Rede und Antwort.

The recent book Disinformation: The Interviews and accompanying DVD is culled from various discussions and material taken from the Disinformation TV series. It stunned a few studio chiefs at Channel 4 (in the UK) and the SCI-FI Channel (USA). They obviously were not prepared for what you were going to show them. Was it a surprise that they took issue with some of the images and conversations that appeared?

RM: Of course it wasn’t a surprise; we had to fight tooth and nail to get some of these things on the air. That show raised the weirdness bar higher than it had ever been raised and it may take some time before it goes further than our show. It’s pretty fucked up. Many segments had to be pulled entirely from the Channel 4 series and SCI FI, like TCI, threw it back saying, “We can’t air this.” AFTER their check had cleared I might add. Clearly they hadn’t even WATCHED it until it was too late. There is a high degree of total idiocy at the top levels of the television industry. Many people who are in the industry are there simply because they CAN BE. If they lived in Detroit they’d be working in the automobile industry if you take my point. If you have ever wondered why TV is so bad, don’t… there tend to be a bunch of morons involved. Some exceptions, though, but not many. Many is the time I have left a meeting in Los Angeles in total hysterics at how dumb the person was who I was pitching.

The "mind controlled sex slave" - episode is that far out absurd, that it almost sounds believeable - where would you see the borders of our belief-systems?

Well, Brice Taylor, the self described “CIA mind controlled sex slave” is utterly out of her fucking mind, so I don’t see that it has any bearing whatsoever on “our” belief systems. I presented her in the standard story telling philosophy of documentary TV to lull the viewer (who is passively watching television don’t forget) in to her tale. A few minutes in you start to wonder, “Is this scripted?” and then you realize, “No, she really believes this!” By the time she is describing how Sylvester Stallone made a porno movie of her and her daughter fucking a dolphin, I think even the “true believer” conspiracy theory people realize that she is utterly insane.

Have you ever been confronted with the accusation of hosting a Freakshow? Not that i have that opinion!

I do host a freakshow my friend, I do indeed host a freakshow, but it’s more than that I hope. It’s not gratuitous, though; this is the world we live in. I didn’t make any of it up, it’s all true!

Would you agree to say that mediocrity seems a virtue these days, especially when it comes to creative works of all kinds? Artists in various fields seem to have lost the ability to say something new and vital, and post-modernism is massive again. But you seem to focus on people who stood out as pionees in their artistic field or even originators of a special style. Sometimes they just have shocking things to say or do.

The economics of it are just too prohibitive for anything not considered a safe bet when it takes millions and millions of dollars to do anything and market it on a mass scale now. The “artists” (ahem) are extremely complicit in this process, all too willing to do “whatever it takes” to achieve meaningless celebrity. Musical acts these days are like a Xerox copy of a Xerox copy. No excitement, no thought, no originality. They get signed ten minutes after their band forms or else it’s one of these fucking Simon Cowell people clogging up the pop charts. Yuck! It’s all just karaoke, like Malcolm McClaren famously said. We live in a karaoke culture, pure and simple. I can’t imagine looking at a “Pop Idol” winner and thinking they are cool… and yet people really CARE about these non-entities! It’s gotten to the point where we’re all supposed to look up to talent contest winners or some fucking idiot like P-Diddy? Gimme a break! What has this culture come to?

A few people view Disinformation as a set of cranks, or a bunch of over imaginative nerds trying to find a conspiracy or nefarious government/corporate trick behind every door. What would you say to convince these people otherwise? Or have they a point?

That’s the viewpoint of someone with no sense of humour. I don’t really care about the people who would say that and I can’t control what someone else thinks, but that opinion seems ill informed to me. Disinformation never was a “conspiracy theory” clearing house, not even the website. It examines “underground culture” and “hidden history” and non-mainstream information sources, including what a “conspiracy theorist” might think, but I view it as a sociologist might. I am interested that someone might have such an extreme theory or whatever, but it’s hardly that I place more faith in what a conspiracy theory guy with a website thinks more than I do the New York Times. That would be absurd. Furthermore, it either happened or it did not happen. It is either a mater of historical fact (or could be) or it is not. There is a big difference between a real criminal conspiracy being exposed and David Icke saying George Bush is a reptile and all that kind of stuff, which is of no interest to me at all. Many of the contributors to the Russ Kick anthologies are Pulitzer Prize winning journalists who couldn’t get these stories into the mainstream press. Are these people conspiracy theorists?

What's your opinion concerning these oh-so-mighty illuminati?

Same as Robert Anton Wilson. They did exist, this much is a matter of historical fact, but as a sub-group of European Freemasonry bent on overthrowing the monarchy and the papacy over 200 years ago. Witness the French Revolution, right? But conspiracies, like companies and US presidential administrations, have life spans and eventually they die off. That’s my take on the historical Illuminati. If you are asking me if I see a secret cabal ruling the world at this time, NO, I see a very above board cabal consisting of people we see in the media every single day who rule the world. Nothing strange about that. This is the way the world works. It’s people who have no experience with how the world works or any proximity to the levers of power (or how the rich and powerful stay that way!) who believe in these conspiracies. This is why every writer of conspiracy theory lives in the middle of nowhere –it’s not a coincidence. OF COURSE there are conspiracies, but not in the “secret society” sense. Even the mafia is going legit and moving in on Wall St. now. But that’s a whole different issue than I think you are asking me about.

The mafia is moving in on wall st.? i thought they own the place....What's that story ?

It's their sons "going legit" ---they simply make sure they are getting the plum brokerage jobs. 

Disinfo demands its readers to have an open mind, intelligence, a healthy curiosity and the power of creative thought. At least, some degree of introspection. What image do you conjure up when you think of the average Disinfo viewer/reader?

Well, having just come off a book tour, I have, after years of doing this, been able to “meet the public” so to speak. The people who are into Disinformation tend to be people who are “info maniacs” to coin a term, and they don’t fall into any neat category besides “smart” as far I as can see. Mostly younger, hipster types, but people as old as 80 have turned up at my book related appearances. In Berkeley, California, at Black Oak books, a large contingent of senior citizens turned up and I thought “They’re just here because it’s free and it’s something to do.” I actually changed the program of what I showed because I didn’t want to offend them. That wasn’t necessary, though, they were the first ones with their hands up during the Q&A and asking pointed questions, too: “This Duncan Laurie character [a man in the TV show who is interested in plant communication] fascinates me.” I was amused and heartened by that appearance, I can assure you!

Do you think it’s more than a coincidence that an artistic, musical or cultured temperament breeds a certain amount of interest in leftfield opinion?

People who are artists tend to be outsiders and they think for themselves. No surprise there. Joe Coleman and Paul Laffoley weren’t cut out to be policemen. I think it takes a certain type to ask for such a difficult career. Some of the characters in my book were broke for decades before they could support themselves with the fruits of their labour. Paul was in his 60’s before his first museum level show. I was practically homeless myself once, living in an office. That was 9 years ago now. I found it impossible to work for someone else or have a regular job. It’s not that I am unemployable, it’s that I was incapable of renting out my life by the hour for someone else’s thing, not my own. I’ll happily work 18-hour days if it benefits Disinformation, but I can’t hack having “a job” and I’m glad that I don’t have to even contemplate having one. Hope I never do…

Do you get any comments from governments, global corporations or the military? They are all often under intense scrutiny in Everything You Know is Wrong and You are Being To.

None. Nothing. If “they” had a problem with anything we’ve done, we are, at the time of this writing, blissfully unaware of it. You have to realize, too, that intelligence agencies have many people in their employ to sift through the kinds of information we publish. We make their job easier and hopefully much more fun. I’d much rather these guys be WELL INFORMED so that they can influence policy in a humane and sane way than have them poking around in the dark. We aim to please.

Can you say more about the ‘legendary’ evening of Disinfo.con. What is your memory of that night? When’s the next one and can I come?

It was an entire daylong affair, not just an evening. I’m sure that all sorts of things went on that I didn’t know about, as I was just too busy to notice anything other than what was immediately in front of me. I was frantic the whole day. I didn’t get a chance to watch any of the speeches, except for Joe Coleman’s, when he blew himself up with explosives, until later, when we were editing them for the DVD. The second disc of the DVD has selected highlights of the event including Kenneth Anger, Robert Anton Wilson, Marilyn Manson, Joe, Kembra Pfahler does “The Wall of Vagina” and Grant Morrison goes on a drunk and stoned rant for 45 minutes about his alien abduction experience, which is just great. Douglas Rushkoff did the keynote speech and Adam Parfrey discussed “Apocalypse Culture” and did a hilarious slide-show. I did my own little rant at the beginning. I’m not sure there is going to be another one; the first one didn’t exactly do box office boffo, if you know what I mean.

For some politics, then. Do you think, that George W. Bush be re-elected? Here in Europe the anti-american slogans are meanwhile spread throughout even all the mainstream-media and Bush is being presented as the dumbest and most impudent being on the planet. I once read that bush would be good for europe, because of his lack of role-modeling for european leader they can again focus more on their own agendas and re-build european self-esteem ...

I think he will be re-elected, yes, but I don’t think he’s as dumb as the average European seems to believe. He’s an incredibly shrewd politician, as good as Clinton, of this I have no doubt. I know several people who know Bush and who knew him when he was the governor of Texas and all of them say the same thing: He’s not dumb, not by a long shot, but like his father, he’s a terrible public speaker. He’s also dyslexic, like his father, so that is probably why he garbles his speech so much. Clearly, though, he is not exactly an intellectual and doesn’t see much “gray” in his world. The people around him are sharp and vicious players. And they have ambitious plans for Pax Americana. Having said that, do you really think that is any different that any US administration since Truman? It’s not, protecting American hegemony has been the goal since the late 40’s and that will not change in our lifetimes. If Clinton was still in office, he's have done the exact same thing (oh, believe it) except that the rationale would have been more plausible. How many different excuses were there for invading Iraq?

Of course i do believe, that clinton would have done the same. he would just have sold it better through the media & would bring up a small sexscandal to draw attention from the war to some harmless dirty laundry.

Yes! He would have been much smoother at selling it to the world. Europeans just don't like Bush's *style* but they'd buy the SAME SHIT from Clinton wihout hesitation!.

It seems to me quite difficult in general to have only two choices in a country that big - and you always know that whoever you're gonna vote for, the same things are going to happen. For me it seems, that you can just decide if you want a president who plays the funky horn & smokes some weed from time to time or a president who’s having a lemon stuck in his throat and likes to nap after lunch. Maybe it's just that the guy wins who looks more like JFK. To hear the word hegemony in this context just confirms my suspicion that the age of colonialisation is not over.
Not by a longshot. It's always the same. Only during Carter's time did America not start any wars (that we know of!). The choice HAS to be narrow in such a complex country. This is why the EU will never be totally unified if you ask me. One strong factor is the fact that no matter where you live n America, you have the same cable TV. Public opinion is very well corralled as a result, like Noam Chomsky points out (over and over and over again) into a narrow, straight line. The "system" does indeed *work,* in that respect. Whoever controls what you see controls what you think, be it Rupert Murdoch or a Mullah preaching anti-Western hatred.

"F___ Saddam, we're taking him out." Those were the words of President George W. Bush, who had poked his head into the office of National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice. It was March 2002, and Rice was meeting with three U.S. Senators, discussing how to deal with Iraq through the United Nations, or perhaps in a coalition with America's Middle East allies. Bush wasn't interested. He waved his hand dismissively, recalls a participant, and neatly summed up his Iraq policy in that short phrase. The Senators laughed uncomfortably; Rice flashed a knowing smile. The President left the room.
(Source: TIME)

During the iraq attack, news showed us lots of us-soldiers held captive by the iraquis, always with the commentary: "that's what they don't show the american people" - can this be true? why should we see the deranged troops when us-pr could use it to reinforce national solidarity for the military action? makes me wonder...

This isn’t true, no, although in the early stages of the war, we surely saw LESS of it than shown on European or Arab TV. But do you really think that they could keep a lid on that the way the news organizations here fight for ratings? No way. It was used by the Bushite PR machine to sell the war, you’d better believe it!

That's what i thought already and confirms - again - this strange media-anti-americanism tendencies, which, coming from the subculture, where it seems to be quite trendy to be anti-american nowadays (smoking gitanes instead of marlboro, drink fruit juice instead of coke, avoid anglizisms in language, etc) and meanwhile many mainstream medias adopting this point. a very rare occasion to see these two media-segments on one side.

I agree with what you are saying. And people will be drinking Coke again soon I suspect.

So do you see a growing gap between usa & europe? What would be the consequences?

Oh sure, sure, it’s inevitable. The difference, simply stated (and in my opinion) is this: European leaders like Chirac and Schroeder decry the “cowboy” and militarist mentality of the Americans and the American’s think: “What the fuck is wrong with you? This is a big problem and your head is buried in the sand. If the Eiffel Tower had been knocked down by Islamic fanatics with a belief system dating from the 6th century, you’d all be braying for blood.”
The Americans see themselves willing to nip a potentially BIG problem in the bud, NOW, while it is still possible and the Europeans as useless and weak willed. It’s a complicated issue but would it really be preferable to wait until nuclear weapons are trained (or USED) on Western cities by these Islamists before facing up to this situation? America WAS attacked and Europe has not faced this kind of thing, not at this scale, before. It’s no surprise that there are differences in how to deal with the Islamist problem, but this much seems clear to me: When you have hateful religious fantics willing to kill themselves to kill you, you’d better take these fucks out first. Period, the end. You don’t argue with a suicide attacker, you kill them before they can kill you first.

I see your point. but i never heard of any evidence that iraq would train or support terrorists. and seeing colin powell on CNN showing something that looks like a volkswagen-transporter and being pointed out as the ultimate weapon of mass destruction looks either like a great, great prank or just the most incompetent pr ever seen. how can anyone go "on stage" with a demonstration like this? aren't people thinking at bush's staff? but anyway - i think i have never experienced such a vast amount of information & disinformation when it comes to the the iraq-case! but which is which?

We don't know what they know, but when you can read a newpaper over someone's shoulder with a satellite in geo-synchronous orbit, I doubt there isn’t much, especially NOW, which escapes their attention in that part of the world. All we can say for sure is the "evidence" such as it is, was not very well argued before the public and before the UN. It's difficult to say anything with total certainty with so much conflicting "fact" and "opinion" and "spin" (and disinformation!) going on in the media space.

Saudi Arabia, even if somehow allied with the us, would be much more dangerous – besides the obvious reason that most of the 9/11-Terrorists were Saudis. They not only refer to a belief system from the 6th century, they LIVE and JUDGE by this system. There is absolutely no difference between afghanistan under the taliban-regime and saudi arabia when it comes to freedom of speech, oppression of women, brutal jurisdication & all the crap that comes with religious fanatics, believing that the truth should be brought to the heathen with fire and sword. from what i hear from some people i know, who visited bagdad a few times over the last 10 years, i get the impression, that the people in iraq had a quite liberal and safe life in comparison to saudi arabia. i believe that there maybe could lie a future threat, much more than it has ever came from iraq. Or am i just brainwashed already for when the US is taking out the ibn sauds in fall?

It's just such a complex web of competing interests here. If the West converted 100% to hydrogen power tomorrow, they'd drop any interest they currently have in the Middle East and the ethnic and tribal minorities would go on killing each other as they have for millenia. And they'd be doing it without trillions of petrodollars bustressing economies that would be practically *Stone Age* without oil. What gets produced in the Middle East besides oil? Practically nothing. The education is so bad there that engineers from Turkey need to come in to deal with even simple things like the sewage systems. There is a book called "The Ends of the Earth" by a brilliant travel writer (a facile description) named Robert Kaplan that explains what is happening in the daily lives of the Third World people in the Middle East and in the Balkan countries. It will make you blood run cold when you read it. I couldn't put it down. Do look for that Kaplan book, it will really blow your mind. Things are far, far worse in the Middle East than we are commonly told, and this book is the scariest thing

With regard to Saddam Hussein and the “regime change” in Iraq, CLEARLY they didn’t give a shit about liberating the Iraqi people, but Hussein is (or was?) a fucking psychotic and after 9/11, they can't allow a guy like that to exist on the world stage, just in case. Plus it's symbolic, keep that in mind. They just wanted him out and to scare the shit out of Iran and Syria in the process, which is already happening according to plan. They now have a military staging area in the Middle East that is better than any they’ve ever had in the past. Oh, and did I mention having access to the 2nd largest oils reserves on the planet, let’s not forget about that…

Yes, the oil. THE thing on european tv now: "us troops did not secure anything but the oil department" "us troops did not secure the museum and it got looted all the way". that seems to be quite clear, an obvious reason. and to bring hussein down to create an example is fully understandable. although this reason is likely to disappear behind the oil reason.

I’m not sure if I agree 100%. The museums being looted were an inside job, that's pretty clear. It was the people who WORKED in them who used jackhammers to knock those walls down, not 12 year old boys looking to own a piece of Mesapotamian antiquity.

Germany and France seem to be back as big players in global politics, enemies for centuries, now they stand together against the bush-administration. Is it just me or does this sound kind of weird?

It is an odd alliance, that’s true. From this side of the ocean, Chirac looks like a grandstanding neo-Gaullist idiot and surely at this point, as his actions in recent days indicate, he’s not feeling so sure of his position and is trying to back-peddle and make amends with the US and Britain. His predictions about that situation did not come to pass. It was clear from the start that he was quite concerned with France’s oil treaties that were nearly signed with Iraq before the hostilities started. These agendas are seldom discussed, the news media is far more likely to report on the cartoon aspects of the situation, like the British tabloid papers drawing devil horns on him or this silly idea of calling French Fries “Freedom Fries” (yet they are still on a “menu”).
France and Germany hardly seem to be newly emerging power players on the world scene to me. Just the opposite. It's more like they are being disinvited to the party.    I don’t think that you can cross an American administration like this, in particular a Republican administration, and then try to make nice and get away with it. They are pissed off. France is going to get fucked economically when you start hearing about Aerobus contracts being cancelled and stuff like that. If a US based airline were to try to buy French airplanes right now, they’d have many obstacles put in their path by trade commissions etc. Watch for more of this sort of snubbing.
And in Germany, the removal of the America troops will have extremely negative effects on the economy in several major cities. The Bush administration, via Colin Powell, used the word “punish” recently when discussing their displeasure with France and Germany. I think that you will see continuing examples of this kind of thing for some time to come. The clue phone was ringing but Chirac and Schroeder didn’t pick it up.
I’m not saying this is “right” I am just saying “This is the way it is” to be clear.

Anyway - someone who could just go into another country of his choice and "colonialize" it shows quite some power. But, for example, what about Silvio Berlusconi? He also seems to be a madman, totally obscured from reality by his over-amount of power. who knows what will be his next step? Or the new austrian government? a ridiculous bunch of right winged danceschoolteachers & nazi-friendly coke-heads?

The cream always rises to the top doesn't it? What a shock that control freak greedheads rule the world and are destroying the very life and health of the planet for a profit. What do they care about the rest of us? Their children can breath the finest oxygen in the world, bottled at a Swiss Alpine location...

All of this comes like the chief-architects of the EU asked for it - to build up a strong relationship between any parties quick and effective, search for a common enemy. Basic rule. With all the quarrels inside the EU what could be better having the US somehow "attacking" (verbally, of course) the union? these thing bind together and i'm afraid that the eu-leaders would have some other cards up their sleeves, bringing other affronts to the us-eu-relations, like reinforced trade with china or something similiar stupid. the axis of france, germany and russia is just a thing that never ever happend and no one ever expected something.

Consider how volatile these relationships have always been. A Europe in a recession *can't* pull itself out of a recession without the US and not with China either, they don't import much! They don't have the money to. If I was an investor looking to grow my money, I'd surely not invest in France or Germany right now (who in their right mind would anyway?) but in Eastern Europe where the pay off promises to be MUCH greater... especially now with the NATO expansion and moving the US troops there as a "reward" for the support. I think the EU leaders got called out and caught with their pants down. You, don't, *cough* "mess with Texas" as some of these guys have just found out. If France did indeed give passports to fleeing Baathist functionaries, as we've been hearing about, Chirac's career is *over*. The US will slam the door in France's face. Just wait. All of us Yanks will be drinking the finest *Australian* table wines, not the Beaujolis Noveau... France stands to lose prestiege for some time to come as a result of Chirac's miscalculation vis a vis the Bush administration.

Lots of essays in european newspapers & mags deal with issues like "the fall of the american empire" - what do you think when reading a headline like this? have you noticed any instabilities of the american nation lately? ;-)

It’s nonsense. It comes from knee-jerk anti-Americanism or simply wishful thinking, not hard facts. Look at the GDP of America versus the next 10 countries on the list. You tell me what that says about the fall of America.
Also, look at the population demographics. Europe’s falling birthrate and the aging population (Italy for instance is ahead of the curve on this) stands in stark contrast to the situation in America. By the time I reach my 70’s (35 years form now) most, more than half, of the population will be under 30. The numbers don’t lie.
China is America’s real economic rival, certainly not Germany or even Japan. This is why Bush and his cronies simply don’t care when Germany thinks. France matters even less to them. Witness the “old Europe” comments from Donald Rumsfeld.

To impute a fall is mostly driven by wishful thinking and at many times just prove for the "not-falling" of something, more even the reinforced rise of something. but as stated above, my crude theory of the old europe (which is suffering from an awful lot of complexes, myself as an austrian (a massive empire reduced to a really small country within just a few years) getting in touch wih china maybe holds some possibilities. europeans tend very much to think in old fashioned terms (like a great deal of pride..) without calculating consequences.

 I think this is astute. Americans have a built in "This is the best country in the world and we pity the rest of you for not being born on the North American land mass" feeling. I have travelled all over the world and lived for a time in both Holland and Britain, but I have never felt otherwise, I must admit and I'm hardly a sucker for propaganda or empty patriotism. I do like *convenience* however and we have that in abundance here! 

And, by the way, i love the theme song! what is it?

Music in the show is my good friend Adam Peters, an Englishman living in NYC. He was the cellist in Echo and the Bunnymen at one time and has played with many famous bands you'd know about. Yes, isn't the music great? It elevates the whole thing to a much higher level and we truly cut the show to his music, almost like a music video in spots. His new group is called Neulander and the singer, his girlfriend Karina is actually Austrian. You should contact him, they have a record coming out soon and may already have a 12" out on either Warp or Bungalow in Germany.

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